Tuesday, 29 September 2009

September Sunday

After a very hectic couple of weeks, I had a day off on Sunday and did lots of cooking, but I was so busy taking pictures and cooking that I didn't have time to write the blog, so here goes:

There was a new farmers market at the village hall in the morning so we walked up to have a look. There were only a few stalls, but hopefully there will be more next time. There wasn't really much I wanted as there were two cake stalls and one selling soda bread, one with vegetables and that was about it. So I just bought some eggs and some honey from Clacton-on-sea.

I had wanted to try out a new flapjack recipie that I had found in the BBC Good Food magazine, but found that I didn't have any bananas, so I biked, yes biked to Manningtree to get some and biked most the way home - had to walk up the steep bit of hill.

The flapjacks were lovely very soft and tasty, here is the recipie:

150 g butter, 150 ml maple syrup, 125 g dried cranberries, 2 large mashed bananas, 375 g porridge oats.
Melt the butter with the syrup and then stir in everything else, put in baking tray and cook for about 10 mins or until golden (190 c or 170 c fan oven gas 5).

Oh I forgot I added a handfull of dessicated coconut!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sat nav bags

Oh dear I haven't written anyting for two weeks, have been a little busy, doing lots of knitting and scrapbooking. I am working on a wedding album for my sister, so can't post any pictures of the pages yet, just in case she sees them before I have finished.

We have a sat nav and Lukey has one for work but they didn't come with cases. When we first got them they had little plastic bags which have now worn out. We didn't want to scratch the screens when they are put in a bag or pocket so needed a case or cover for them. I had looked on the official site and seen the price of them, so decided to knit them! I used the wool left over from my socks for my one and sewed on some sequins and beads that are in my bead box. The other one was made with some cotton left from making a dishcloth, this one had a draw string and embroidered name on the front. I didn't have a pattern for these, just modified a sock pattern and knitted them on 4 double pointed needles - just like a sock! Easy!