Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Little chilly

It has been a bit chilly here for the last few days. Our estate roads have thick ice on them, but are passable if you go very slow! Here are some photos of icicles hanging from above my bedroom window.

Icicles from the gazebo - we really should have taken it down at the end of summer!!

I can hear dripping outside, I think the snow is melting, they said on the weather that it was going to be like this for a month, once again they have got it wrong. Off to town this morning to start my Christmas shopping..... can't wait bet it will be packed as everyone has been snowed in all week and going today ....

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I went to Munich in Germany at the weekend to visit the Christmas markets. It was so cold that we couldn't stay outside for too long, even though we had put on loads of layers.
We went on a trip on the "Christmas Tram", which was quite fun as it did a tour around the city and was warm so we were able to thaw out for a bit.
Here is Alice looking at one of the stalls, full of pottery.

This is another selling gingerbread hearts and other sweets. We also went to the Tollwood market were many of the stalls were inside marquees a bit like a festival. The stalls sell sweets, cakes, honey, chocolate, clothes especially knitted gloves and hats, jewellery, wooden items, and of course Christmas decorations.

I also got to visit two shops that I went to last year in Hamburg and wanted to go back to. "Depot" is a home furnishing shop with lots of reasonably priced Christmas decorations and items the other was "Idee" a fantastic craft shop I bought some knitting pattern books that I had seen last year- trouble is I don't speak any German so am going to have fun trying to translate them.

Oh yes we also managed to sample a little bit of Gluhwien - just to keep us warm of course!