Sunday, 31 July 2011

Just testing from my mobile

Ok, so now I have learnt how to post from an email, I thought I would have a go from my mobile. And try to attach a photo - ok here goes
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Just testing

I have just worked out how to put a post on from my email, so this is a trial run.

Just thought that I would updated that Babybelle is recovering, she has been running around the run and calling to me.  Still not eating much though.
The vet asked me if she drinks from a bottle or a bowl, I said "oh she never drinks"  and I had never seen her drink anything.  But what happens, I have seen her drink from the bottle 3 times in as many days and the bottle has gone down to half way.  I have never seen it go down so quickly.  I wonder why she has suddenly started drinking?#

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sick Guinea pig

Just an update on Babybelle.  She went back to the vets yesterday morning for an operation to clear out the abscess and sort out her teeth.  I was told to phone back at lunch time to be told that she had come round but was cold and laying on a heat pad and to phone back later.  At 5pm I was told she was still a little unsteady on her feet and that they would like to keep her in overnight.  I collected her this morning and the poor old girl looks very thin and tired. I kept her inside all day and had to bring Tilly in to be with her because she was not eating either - lonely I think.  I have give Babybelle antibiotics twice a day, vitamin C once a day and take her back in 5 days to check how she is!!!!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Sick Guinea pig

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Babybelle had a lump under her chin, it grew quite large and I noticed that she wasn't eating properly so took her to the vet.
The vet said that the lump was an abscess and it needed draining.   Gallons of very smelly puss drained out and I was sent home with a bottle of antibiotics and £40 lighter.  Said that she needed to see her next week but she was not to eat for 4 hours before the appointment as she needed to see her teeth properly.
I went back today with a very sad, very hungry guinea pig.  Again she could not see her teeth properly and said that she needed to come in for the day, to be sedated to have the lump cleaned out properly and to investigate her teeth.  I have to take her back at 8.30 a.m. tomorrow morning...............

Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Farm Shop

 "What on earth shall I do with all these courgettes?" I wondered this morning, and then decided to go for it, I opened my farm shop.  Actually I stuck some courgettes in a cardboard box on top of the recycling box and popped it at the front of the garden.  I also added a bunch of beetroot for good luck.  Half an hour later I took a peek and someone had bought the beetroot.  So I pulled up some more and a little later had sold one bag of courgettes and a bunch of beetroot.  That was it - all day - £1.50!!!  But that is enough to buy a packet of seeds next year.
I will try again next weekend, maybe we will have some spare runner beans to add to it.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Allotment moaning

 Popped to the allotment last night to pick the raspberries. The courgettes have started and cut the fourth one!  The runner beans are coming on, they are setting and some are about 3 inches long, not quite ready.  I have grown sweet peas up the same poles and it is all getting a bit tangled hope that I will be able to see all the beans when they really start, the borage is leaning over from the next bed as well so all getting a bit crowded, might need to cut it back but it looks so lovely at the moment.  There are sunflowers, nasturtiums, borage and calundula all over the place mixed in with the vegetables, I think that my plot looks beautiful, which is more than I can say for next doors!
 The picture above is next doors.  Two years ago I put my name down for a plot and expected to have a long wait, but they decided to turn part of a field into plots and we got a call in September.  When we visited there was just a field we were able to choose our plot and it was marked with 4 sticks -one in each corner.  There were 5 other new plots which were taken on the same day.  Some got started and some just left them until the spring.  We started and spent the whole freezing cold winter putting up fences, digging beds and then building a shed.  Next door turned up in the spring rotovated the lot and made a lot of noise.  They planted lots of seedlings which got eaten by the rabbits as they hadn't built proper fences, they then bought more plants.  The last time I saw them was in September.  Their plants grew and grew but nobody came to harvest them and then in the spring the weeds were 3 foot high and growing through my fence. One day I arrived to find all the weeds had been cut down and dumped in a heap, I thought perhaps they were back, but the weeds are growing back.  I understand that the rent is paid until September BUT what a waste!  I have asked if I could take the plot over but told no as there is a waiting list, but this has been a whole season with nothing.  I don't expect that it will be allocated to anyone new until September when the rent is due.  My big worry is that someone will turn up and use weed killer next to my vegetables.
This is my one!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Nealry time to go

Last night at home before the intrepid traveller flies off to the other side of the world to spend 4 months in central America.  She has still not packed her backpack, but apparently has plenty of time.
My daughter is off to Cuba, Costa Rica and Nicaragua for four whole months.  By the time she comes home the clocks will have changed and it will be nearly winter.  
Hope she has a wonderful time.