Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Allotment update

 Oh! How I have missed my allotment while I have have been putting my feet up, but was able to visit on Saturday and have a potter.  It has been very well cared for by Mr Handmade-Homemade.  He has picked pounds of runner beans and raspberries.  The raspberries are still going strong and I picked another punnet full.  The runnerbeans have finished, which is quite good as I think we had just about had enough of them.  The potatoes have all been dug and stored though I am not sure how they will keep as they weren't very good this year.  Not as big as last year and full of holes.  Not sure where we went wrong with them.
 I have had trouble growing winter greens, managed a couple of sprouting broccoli plants last year which gave a few meals.  But not one brussel sprout.  I plant the seeds in the spring but the plants do not grow well or get eaten, but this year there has been some improvement.  We have lots of sprouting broccoli plants and there seems to be some brussel sprouts, but best of all are the cabbages, they are looking very good.  I think that this might be because I was given the plants by another allotmenter. (ha ha)
 These are my bortelli beans, they look quite beautiful and the red pods stand out against the yellowing leaves.  I am leaving them to dry and then will pick the pods and store the dried beans inside to use in the winter.
 A first for us - Pumpkins!  I got some free seeds from a magazine and decided to try them.  We had some space since we got the extra bit of allotment and they have grown well, not massive but big enough.  There must be at least 10, plenty for Halloween.
Sunflowers grow well here, these ones were planted along the front edge of the plot in my "flower bed"!!  They are at least 7 foot high and each one has lots of heads.  We have deadheaded them all summer and they keep on flowering.  I have decided to leave them now to produce seeds for the birds, hamster and chickens

Monday, 17 September 2012

Back on my feet

My friends at work sent me a box of chocolates and these flowers.  They were a bouquet, but this morning I have been able to stand up for long enough to do a proper arrangement. Don't think that I would win any prizes for my arranging but I think that they look good.

Three weeks today since I had my operation and at last things are getting better.  I had the stitches out last week and was able to remove the bandage on Sunday.  I think that I tried to do too much at the weekend and was in a lot of pain on Sunday night.  I then was able to start applying Arnica cream and ice packs to help reduce the swelling and bruising.  Today I have been able to stand up for more than five minutes which is good.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Still putting my feet up

Two weeks now since my operation and back to the hospital this afternoon to have the stitches removed -Ouch!!  That hurt a bit.  A much smaller bandage and only for 3 days now.  It does still look very bruised but not as swollen as I thought.  
I was told that in two weeks time I was to try and start wearing normal shoes, something supportive, something lace up?  Not like that flimsy thing on your other foot.  I made a bit of a face as I tried to think of what shoe I had that could be described as lace up and supportive.  Did I not have any trainers I was asked, well of course I do, so I suppose that is what I am going to have to wear - lovely!
I can now start to walk about a bit, make my self a cup of tea, but will still need to put my feet up for a bit..................

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Putting my feet up for a bit

A couple of weeks ago I had an operation on my foot.  
I had a Mortons Nuroma in the ball of my foot, which caused the most awful pain when I walked too far, stood for too long or wore heels or other unsuitable shoes.  This had got worse over the years. After waiting for months I was offered an appointment for day surgery.  My foot was numbed from the ankle down,the Nuroma was removed and the biggest bandage ever was wrapped around it.  The lovely shoe with Velcro straps was to be worn at all times and then I was sent home. 
I was told to keep my foot raised up at all times and not to walk on it. Not easy for someone normally on the go all the time.  I have tried to watch "Daytime TV" it is dreadful such rubbish.  I can't believe that Murder She Wrote is still on or how many car boot and auction room programmes there are!  At least The Great British Bake Off is on tonight.

My family have been looking after me, producing endless cups of tea and meals. They have been working so hard - looking after the chickens and allotment.  Cleaning, shopping and cooking, even learning how to make porridge just the way I like it!  
I am missing my allotment and even just walking in the garden to the greenhouse! I can see red tomatoes that need picking, but can't do anything with them. Just want to get back to normal now, but think that it is going to be a couple more weeks yet