Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Taking part in a photo scavenger hunt organised by Green Thumb over at Made with love
Photo Scavenger Hunt 2013

Here are my January photos

COLD - The display in my car one vey chilly morning

 WARM - some pumpkin soup

SIGN - The notice board in Manningtree.  Apparantly "You are in the right place"

FOOD - well it would have to be the delious chocolate cake that Alice made for Jared's 21st Birthday

12 - or a dozen?  Eggs laid by my girls 

PRODUCE - from my allotment on the last Sunday in January  - a cabbage, two leeks, some beetroot, 4 turnips and just enough sprouts
BLUE - ah! this was an easy one, I knew exactly what to photo.
In the minutes of the Town Council, the Mayor requested that next time could the algae treatment be clear and not BLUE!!

MAILBOX - could do with a wash!

 A VIEW - under the big old tree

REFLECTION - me in Top Shop

A STATUE- not an easy one, we don't seem to have any statues in the area.  But remembered the one that lives at the bottom of the garden.  Betty had to get in the photo too!

DOOR  - My front door with balloons for Jareds 21st Birthday.  Alice tied them to the knocker which knocked all day as it was a bit windy!!

 Well that is forthis month, it has been fun looking.  I wonder what will be on the list next time?

Monday, 28 January 2013


As I might have mentioned before, my sisters first baby was born in November far away in Hong Kong, so it has been some weeks until I have been able to meet him.  

Three days before they were due home I got a cold, thought it might blow over, but no, it was a heavy cold that needed a day off work and a whole box of tissues.  I couldn't take that to a new baby.

And then it snowed, or it threatened to snow.  I managed to see them for an hour or so, before it started to snow heavily and didn't dare risk the roads. 

More days passed with snow, ice and work commitments so I couldn't visit.

Then last Thursday I had a day off, the snow had gone and I spent all day with baby Arlo and my sister 
And here we are having a chat. My beautiful youngest nephew!  Now 9 weeks old.
Was able to spend another day with him on Saturday, but had to share the cuddles with all the family.  We were all together, except for Alice!!! 

Looking forward to the next time.....



Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Until recently I didn't really know where Siberia was, the only thing I knew was that it was cold.  But since Alice went to work there, it seems to crop up everywhere I look!

The other day I picked up the paper and saw that the Russian State Ballet of Siberia were performing in Ipswich ( did wonder if they would be able to take a parcel back for her!!)
 Artist photo
Formed in 1981, The Russian State Ballet of Siberia has now established itself as one of Russia’s leading ballet companies and has built an international reputation for delivering performances of outstanding quality and unusual depth. Both the soloists and the corps de ballet have been highly praised by critics, and never fail to delight audiences with their breathtaking ability and dazzling costumes.
See more info at russballet.ru/eng.htm

Siberian Tigers on the telly.  TIGERS!  What just wandering around Novosibirsk or perhaps a little bit more remote.  Think I had better warn Alice to watch out!
Overheard someone talking about their new dog -  a Siberian Husky!  What in Manningtree?  Yes.  Looked them up, apparently these dogs are the nearest pet dogs to wolves, need loads of exercise and grooming.
 husky dog
Then a programme on the telly about Wooly Mammoths, some scientists are finding bones and tusks all over Siberia!!  They are now extinct but used to roam the Steppe.  A bit like elephants, except bigger, with much bigger tusks and hairy (probably need a lot of grooming like the huskies!) 

Watch out Alice, there are some strange things out there in the snow!!

Monday, 21 January 2013


that I work from home.  Normally this is great, some days I am at home and some days I have appointments and meetings to go to.
But on snow days I still have to work, from home, just as normal.
I cancelled my appointments this morning, as I didn't want to drive, but still had to do other work.  So no day off for me!

 The girls are not too happy with this weather.  This was them yesterday with snow settling on theirr feathers -poor thingsI was quite surprised to find 3 eggs this morning.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


 Didn't think that we were going to get any snow.  Everyone else in the whole country seemed to have lots, schools closed everywhere except for this small corner of Essex.  Yes we had a few flakes on Monday, Yes it was -7c on Wednesday when I had to drive into work. Yes the path outside was very slippery last night BUT no real snow.  When I got up this morning nothing AND then about 10 o'clock spotted a few little flakes and they have carried on coming down all day.  Must have had almost 2 inches by this evening.
Spent the weekend doing "indoor" stuff - was going to blog about all the crochet and cooking that has happened.  But no!  This afternoon Mr BB said shall we go for a walk, with out sledges?  So we did, just me and him and what fun we had!!

 Here he comes - standing up!! Don't fall over and break your leg!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of the year, but the first two weeks of January have flown by, with two birthdays and few days laid up with the lurgy!!  So now here it is................

In 2013 I am looking forward to:

  • Seeing by baby nephew, and his mummy of course (next week)(this got delayed due to having the lurgy and not wanting to spread my germs to a tiny baby) (but have now met him!!)

  • Entering some crafts, cakes and wine in the Horticultural shows in the village.  Last year took part in  the spring show and then "was off my feet" for the autumn one and had to miss it.

  • sowing some seeds and getting the gardening year started.

  • Spending time at the allotment and watching it grow again - and hoping for a good crop

  • Growing an edible carrot and a large handful of peas

  • Having breakfast at the allotment on a sunny Sunday morning

  • Visiting Hong Kong to see my baby nephew and of course his mummy and daddy!

  • joining the knitting group in the village (hope they are nice!)

  • Going to see the productions at our tiny local theatre, first one of the year coming up in February

  • Writing about all this on my blog
But right now I am happy just as it is....


Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Lots of you seem to able to do it!

But I can't!

Can anyone help?

What I would like to do is put a little "thingy" on the side of the page to show that I am linking up or taking part in something that somebody else is doing.

For example Shelley at meggymoo
has organised a love hearts swap 

AND everyone else taking part has seemed to get the icon on the side and when you click on it, you are take to her page.

Simple?  Well I thought so.  I had emailed Joy who sent me some very clear instructions.  I added the HTML gadget, went to the "thingy", copied the image location and opened it in the box and all I get is a web page address and no pretty icon.

I would be very happy if someone could help me?  Thanks xxx

Update Update Update Update Update.....

Thank you Tracy for your help, I had the wrong gadget.  It was so easy!!! 

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Just popped Alice on the bus for her journey back to Novosibrisk, Siberia.  She has been home for a couple of weeks for a late Christmas and on time birthday holiday.  
Drove her to the bus stop in town to catch the National Express coach to Heathrow to catch her flight to Russia.
I have loved having her home, shopping, chatting and cooking!
I think Babybelle her Guinea Pig will miss her!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A little late....

Oh dear, this is a bit late, but was reminded today to post how the swap went that I took part in.

This was the Christmas swap organised by Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping


I was partnered up with Mandy from Homemade Lifestyle and this is what I recieved
 Inside this lovely vintage London Bus biscuit tin was a handmade Christmas card, a handmade felt Christmas tree ornament. A little Christmas pudding (yum). A candy cane sweet (yum). A hand painted gold heart ornament with a Christmas tree on it.  A chocolate stirrer ( for putting in hot chocolate) (yum) . A stone, hand painted with the words "in the middle of a difficulty lies an opportunity" ( a useful reminder on stressful days!). A hand knitted rose pin ( which is on my coat now).  A bar of chocolate with chili in it ( not tried this yet!) and knowing my love of tea, a box of apple and ginger tea bags and a book "The vintage teacup club" (which I am reading now).
I think the link to a Christmas song or carol may have been "Oh Christmas Tree", but I am not sure?  What a lovely selection of gifts.  Once again a big thank you to Mandy.

And this is what I sent:

 Four small vintage dishes.  Handmade felt hearts (by me!)  Baked bean tin can lanterns ( with holes punched in a star design) (made by me with a hammer and nail!) some teabags, a tiny elephant candle and a bar of vegan chocolate.

I had such fun making and collecting all the gifts, hope to take part in another swap soon. And thank you Lakota for organising it!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


I am itching to get outside and get things growing!  Sorted out the seed basket and seem to have quite a lot of stuff  

Made a list of what I really need and it is quite short:
  1. carrots
  2. potatoes
  3. sweet peas
  4. tomatoes - just ordinary, got lots of cherry and beef stake ones 
Spent a while browsing through all the catalogues at all the wonderful things to grow and to help your plants grow!
Last year we had a lot of problems with slugs- like most people?  I have read about a natural slug repellent called Sluggone, which is pelleted sheep's wool and is supposed to keep them off as they don't like the feel of wool.

Carrots are supposed to be easy to grow, but last year I sowed them 4 times, the first two did not come up, the 3rd the tops got eaten by something and the 4th got carrot fly.  We had spent hours stapling plastic sheeting all around the bed and sprinkling dried lavender as Basil from the plot next door said it would work!  So this year I have ordered some Envirormesh- the carrot flies cannot get through it- ha ha!
 In to the greenhouse this morning!  sowed some cherry tomatoes, sweetpeas, salvia and broadbeans, it might be a bit early, but we will see.  My friend gave me these plant markers, they are lolly sticks painted in that lovely Farrow and Ball greeny bluey grey paint.
 Growing peas in drainpipes! 

Friday, 4 January 2013


Happy Birthday Alice! Born on the 3rd January, but I am not allowed to tell you how old she is, because it is too old.  She would like to stick at 21, just like me, I have been 21 for years!  It's a bit like playing pontoon, when you get to 21 you just say stick.

So hot on the heels of Christmas and before 12th night I have to take down my Christmas cards so there is room on the mantelpiece for her cards, and oh dear she only gets them there for one week and then we have another birthday, someone else is really going to be 21!  And Granny says that she is feeling old!!

 Alice and I drove to Westfield, the Shopping centre in Stratford, London.  which was built as part of the Olympics.  We have never driven there before, always taken the train.  Followed the Satnav up the motorway and then headed down into London.  Saw a big red bus and thought we must be nearly there and then straight ahead we spied the Shard and the Gerkhin, yes we are driving in London!  The sign said turn left for the car park and the WHOOOA that looks just like the velodrome on our left and that looks just like the Basket Ball stadium and oh look there is the Main Stadium.  We just seemed to drive right through the middle of the Olympic park.  It looked like it did a few weeks before it opened, with stuff everywhere.  Parked the car and this was the view- quite impressive.  But the best bit was that it only cost £4 to park all day- bargain.
Some serious birthday shopping done and we headed home.
Later Granny and Grandad joined us for a meal in a lovely restaurant on the banks of the river Stour in Dedham.  They don't do cocktails, but managed to make a special one!


Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Well!  it's 2013, never been too keen on New Years and all the celebrations and fuss.  Not really understood what it is all about.  Sometimes I find it a bit sad to see the end of a year, if it has been particularly good.  But anyway, here we go............

Firstly big problem.  I haven't got a new calender.  It doesn't feel quite right, perhaps I can get one in the sales.  Last years was a free one with Good Food Magazine which was good.  I do object to paying £10 for one from Calender Club.  

Just found a photo scavenger hunt over at Made with Love  thought I might have a go.  You have to take some photos that link to the list for the month and post them on your blog (not sure what happens next!)  I think it will be fun looking for some things and will make some interesting pictures.
This months list includes:  Cold, Warm, mailbox, blue and door, there are 12 all together.

New Year Resolutions???  Have I got any?  Well I might have.

I have one aim and that is grow a carrot that is perfect!  Not nibbled by carrot flies, or slugs or birds.  Long and straight and most importantly EDIBLE

Ok, my resolution, well to find some exercise class that fits in with me, that I like and that I can stick to.  

A big old tree on the field where we go for walks.  These could be my first photo for the scavenger hunt - A VIEW