Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Tendring Hundred Show. This is a big agricultural show that is held in my village, with around 25,000 people visiting from miles around. I have been going since I was a child and it is much the same every year, just parts of it gradually change.

My green spotty felted handbag was put on display on the Lawford Horticultural Societys stand.
I like to visit the goat tent and say "hello" to all the goats, there were around 30 there today.
This donkey was very happy have his ears scratched. I also visited the guinea pig show, and found one just like my Babybelle. I went in the education tent, where all the local schools and nurseries set up displays of their work. I bought some local rapeseed oil and mayonnaise, some olives (not local!!) and a "Farmer Bills" ice cream.
I think that today must be the hottest so far this year, and far too hot to wander around a dry dusty field set out with boiling hot marquees.