Saturday, 19 June 2010


What a wonderful day! 20th June and as cold and wet as winter. It should be hot,hot , hot...

The morning started with a light shower and then the sun came out, so I decided to walk to town to do the shopping. I had to take shelter under a stall on the market as it tipped it down! Lucky me, Lukey came with the van and picked me up.

Too cold and wet to be in the garden, meant that today was a wine day. Last weekend we went out and picked lots of elderflower, I made some elderflower cordial and started off 2 lots of wine, strained this one into the demi john and now leave it to work it's magic.

I then washed and sterilized 18 bottles and filled them up. 6 bottles of "English Port", 6 bottles of "Elderberry and Blackberry" wine these will be laid down in my cellar!!!!! Well left in the shed for another 6 months to mature. Also bottled a kit wine, "Chardonnay" style , this will be ready to drink in 2 weeks.
I also made a chocolate tray bake cake and a loaf in the bread maker.

Apparently the garden needed the rain!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My little jug

My sister bought me this beautiful jug for my birthday. It is quite small, about 6" tall, cream with chickens around the edge. I stood it on the shelf for a couple of weeks and have now filled it with flowers that I picked in the garden. It is in the middle of the kitchen table. I think that it looks lovely, a little messy and natural just like my front garden!!
I love jugs, there is just something about them, I have a few that I use for gravy or flowers, or drinks on the table or just standing on a shelf looking nice or for just popping things in - a safe place!
I hope that one day I can have some real chickens too!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

New shop

A while ago I bought a new mobile and it was a touch screen one. I didn't want to scratch it so needed a cover for it, so I knitted one. Well, a friend saw it and liked it and asked me to make one for them, I was pleased to do this for them and then someone else asked for one and I then I thought perhaps I could sell them. So I have spent the last couple of weeks knitting and below are three that I have made.

I set up my shop on Folksy last night and posted 6 mobile covers. I hope to add some more items soon.
This one with the blackberry on is for a "Blackberry" of course"

See my shop at

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Our shed

This is how Lukey built our shed at the allotment. First he dug out the area, levelled it and laid the sand and then the paving slabs.
Mean while at home he made the roof triangles and all the other uprights and labeled them!
Back to the plot and the frame is put together - A-A B-B C-C and so on.....
Then the sides are boarded up - leaving a gap for the door and window.
Then the flat wood panels are put on the roof and the roofing felt nailed in place
Almost finished......... door and window, guttering up and drain pipe to two water butts, a coat of wood preserver and lastly..... A little sign saying "shed" just in case we forget!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


This is my first strawberry - what a whopper - enough for three of us to share!
For dinner tonight we ate the first of our "first early" potatoes.
We have been working on our allotment for nine months now, all through the freezing cold winter, putting up fences and digging out beds. Planting, weeding and watering. Lukey has built the most wonderful shed, which I will post the photos another day.

Lets hope there is plenty more to come!