Friday, 25 April 2014

Family get together

I was up and out early on Saturday morning, in town before the shops even opened. Needed to go to the market for fruit and vegetables. Needed to pop in the library and then Townsends looking for spring themed napkins - I managed to find bunny ones!
Dashed home to finish preparing a spring lunch for my family- just 9 of us!

 Made a courgette and asparagus Filo pastry tart.
 Aubergine and feta cheese salad
 Green lentil and blue cheese salad
 Plain salad decorated with borage flowers
 Sausage rolls
 Hot cross cheese rolls
Also made scotch eggs, both meat ones and vege ones made with chickpeas.  Also cooked a ham and new potatoes.
We ate lunch indoors, but then I noticed that the sun had come out so we had pudding in the garden
 Hot cross buns

 A rhubarb and custard cake
 Carrot cake cupcakes and chocolate nests

Phew!  All homemade!  Took my recipes and ideas from Good Food magazine, always find it to have good ideas and reliable recipes.

I like the Easter break, it is not all stressy like Christmas. Nobody asks if you are ready for Easter. The weather is usually better, with a bit of sun,  there seems to be less rushing around.  A good time to get together with family and some traditional treats like the hot cross buns and chocolate eggs- lovely!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


A bright, warm and sunny start to the bank holiday weekend, makes a change!
We spent the morning at the allotment. Things are beginning to grow.  Tiny little gooseberries cover the bushes, can't wait for them to grow.
Started a new strawberry patch this year and it is looking good, lots of flowers already, won't be long until we are picking them.  I put some straw around them before they get any bigger.
The first row of peas has flowers on them, the second row are not far behind.
I picked some sprouting broccoli, the first rhubarb and radishes. Also pulled some leeks. The rhubarb will be made into a cake!
I love having breakfast there. We had toasted hot cross buns and tea - delicious!

Monday, 21 April 2014


My weekend started on Thursday last week. Alice arrived home on Thursday morning, which was very exciting as she had been away since the beginning of January. 
I had put up some Spring decorations, a twig heart on the front door that I had made with some willow twigs and green Raffia.  Decorated eggs were hung from some twigs and the dresser re-arranged with chickeny things.
I had crocheted a Spring wreath, which is hanging on the lounge door. The idea for this was taken from Lucy at Attic24, it is similar to hers but not copied completely.
The fridge was full, following a trip to Waitrose the day before.  I had planned the main meals including a big family get together on Saturday.  I had even made the Chocolate Easter Eggs!

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Welcome spring!

Today is the Spring Equinox, the day when the day is the same length as the night and the beginning of spring.  From today until the summer solstice the days will get longer.
I decorated my dresser with spring flowers from the garden and a crocheted garland.

A few days ago I saw a post on Instagram inviting people to join in with making a flower crown and posting a photo wearing it today, so I thought, why not that sounds like fun, so I knocked this up

And popped it on!

Smelt nice too!
You can see the others on Instagram #primaveracrowns

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Just realised that this will be our 5th summer at our allotment. We are just getting the hang of things, sometimes it is successful and others not quite so good!
One thing we love to grow are peas! Frozen ones are fine, but nothing like ones straight from the pod at the allotment.  we usually share the first pod one or two peas each! 
I would like to try and gave a regular supply of peas all summer, so need to sow a new row every few weeks.
I sowed some seeds in guttering in the greenhouse about a month ago by last weekend the plants were about 6 cm tall and time to plant them out. The gutter is great, just dig a shallow trench hold it up and gently shake! The plants sort of slide out and just need firming in! A quick water and hey presto all done. As it is still a bit chilly I covered them with a fleece cloche.
Next step will be to put a net up for the peas to grow up.
One year I saved 5 pounds of pea pods (freezing them as I got them) to make pea pod wine. This year the pods will go on the compost heap!

Thursday, 13 March 2014


We have a small wildlife pond in the garden. A few frogs live in it, once I saw a newt!
On Monday we noticed some frog spawn and then loads more on Tuesday. Spotted 4 frogs

This is the earliest they have spawned since records began (my own records!!!) last year when March was absolutely freezing and spring was very late it didn't happen until 18th April around 4 weeks later than normal.
Funny - our weather!