Sunday, 9 October 2011

 Today I visited Leeds Castle in Kent.  I went on a coach trip with the other members of our Horticultural Society.  We went today as it was the flower festival.  Each room in the castle had the most amazing flower arrangements and they were all linked to the theme of the forties and films.
 On this bed was four cushions and they were all made of flowers and leaves, the pale green was made from lots of leaves, the next was strips of leaves woven with ribbon.  The pink one was made from some sort of grass heads and the other one was made from thick green leaves with gypsophilia and pearls in it.  Very clever!  The other ladies thought that I could do something similar and enter into the next show.
We arrived at the castle at 11 a.m, it was quite a long walk through the woods until you could see the buildings with the moat around them.  We went into the main castle and looked at the flowers and then went and had lunch as we were all very hungry.  Then we walked through the gardens to the maze and had an ice cream and back along the lake for a cup of tea before setting of home.