Friday, 27 July 2012


So excited! Decorated the front of the house with bunting, flags and paperchains.  Have my Union Jack earrings in.   Only one and half hours until the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony starts.
So looking forward to next week when we have tickets to the velodrome to watch the cycling.  

Good luck to team GB!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

A day out in Londres and Olympic park

I popped to London yesterday to meet up with Alice and do a bit of shopping.
I got an early train to Stratford and the first thing I noticed when I arrived were lots of signs directing me to the "OLYMPIC PARK".  The Olympics are so near, less than 3 weeks now and London is ready.
After topping up my Oyster Card I got the tube to Bethnall Green to meet Alice.  We then caught the number 8 bus to Roman Road Market.  We had no idea how far it was and spent the journey catching up on news and scanning the streets to see where we needed to get off.  I spotted the sign above the street, which I recognised from the website.  I also told Alice the bit of history about this road that I had read.  Roman Road is the oldest known trade route in Britain.  It was the road to Colchester and Queen Boudica came up this road to burn the Romans in London.  Quite a link with home!
 We soon stopped for a cuppa, so cheap here!  2 cups of tea and a croissant (with jam) was the same price as they tried to charge me at the NEC in Birmingham, just £3.90 and they were mugs!
We spent over an hour walking from one end to the other looking at the stalls, mainly clothes, some shoes, jewellery, fruit and veg and some household.  Most of the clothes stalls were things from New Look, M&S, Next, ACOS and Top Shop
We then walked back and bought what we had chosen.  A handbag each, a dress and top for me and 3 tops for Alice.  She also bought two pillows, which was not our best purchase as the bag was so big and bulky we get bashing into people.
We had lunch in another cafe, chicken and pesto pannini for Alice and a mozzarella, tomato and olive toasted wrap for me, oh and another cuppa all for £7.50 and they say London is expensive?
We then got the bus and tube back to Stratford and made our way to the Olympic Park entrance were I left Alice to go and take part in her volunteer training.
We walked along the Olympic street with all the shops full of Union Jack clothes.  Past the posh shops like Prada  -who is going to pop in there on their way to watch an event? One of the restaurants is Jamie Oliver Italian, I bet that will be packed soon. We could also see the ORBIT this is structure that you can get the lift up and see a view of the whole area, I think that I need to book a ticket for that too.

 Here we are with models of one of the mascots.  Is this Wenlock or Mandeville?  I am sure in 3 weeks time we will all know.
The whole area is feeling really exciting and buzzing with anticipation, I can't wait until we go to the velodrome.