Saturday, 24 April 2010

Garden Visit

Today I went on an outing with The Lawford Horticultural Society to visit Beth Chatto's Garden in Elmstead Market.
This was my favourite plant in the garden, Frittilaria Persica. It had lovely grey green leaves and purple bell like flowers. I looked for it in the nursery but couldn't find one.

Her are some of the group looking in the pond. We all wandered around the gardens and looked around the nursery, carefully choosing our favourite plants to take home. After we had lunch in the cafe.
This plant was massive, I don't know what it was called, some sort of lily.
This is a similar one growing by the pond
And here am I standing on a bridge by a small stream.
The gardens were lovely, all the beds were covered with ground cover with other plants growing through, very little weeding is needed. It was full of spring flowers, not just bulbs but others like the frittilia and hellebores. I would like to visit again in the summer and see the difference.

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