Monday, 22 November 2010


This year I grew 18 runner bean plants in my back garden. I chose a variety called "St George" as they were supposed to give a high yield. A month before planting I dug two trenches and filled with worm compost from the wormery. I grew the seeds indoors indoors in the boxes that fruit juice comes in and planted them out in midmay, the morning before the last major frost of the year. Saw the weather on the news and rushed out and covered them with fleece, all but 2 plants survived, lucky for me that I had a couple of spare ones in the greenhouse.

The plants grew well and gave a massive crop, so much that we got a little fed up with runner beans for tea!!! I froze some too.
And so I decided to save the seeds, I left some pods on the plants for as long as possible until they were big and then picked them and dried them on the window sill. I now have a little bowl full of runner bean seeds - I wonder if they will grow as well as this years ones?

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