Saturday, 20 July 2013

Phew! What a scorcher!

Phew! It's been hot this week, but I am not moaning!  After 10 months of cold, cloud and rain we should all be happy.  At the Horticultural meeting the other night the chairman said we could do with some rain - huh?  not yet thank you!!

This week I have been:

Baking hot!
Working in the baking hot heat!
Visiting the allotment and admiring these beautiful Sweet peas.  The seeds were from Sarah Raven and they are doing very well.

 They smell lovely too!   I have three jugs full of them.

I have picked pounds of strawberries 
And made this very retro flan.  The base is shop bought (oh horrors!) mash up a load of strawberries ( the not so good ones) in some sugar and lay over the base, then place some strawberries (the good ones) decoratively on the top.  Cover with a Greens quick gel, from a packet (more oh horrors!)  leave to get a soggy bottom and enjoy!  It's Mr HH's favourite!!!

Also made some Rhubarb and Strawberry cordial, delicious with some fizzy water.
Picked lots of veg - peas, french beans and the first courgettes

We opened the window and let some air in.  Lost the key some months ago, and we were sure it would turn up during the "great kitchen make-over", but it hasn't and this week I have been trying to work in this heat with it shut. That's it I announced, I am going to call a man in to replace the lock.  Mr HH disappeared into the garage this morning and I heard lots of grinding sounds.  You would never guess, but he had made a new key out of an old one and proudly opened the window and shut the window and opened the window and shut the window.............
He has added locksmith to his list of skills!  

But best of all...

We had a home grown dinner - potatoes, peas, carrots, french beans and kale- so proud!


Tammy Chrzan said...

MMMmmm dinner looks delicious!
Yay for hubby fixing the lock! Yay for fresh air!! All you ever have to do to motivate a man is saying you're going to call someone else... right? LOL... I always got pictures hung up that way.
Your photos are lovely Lizzy!
Happy Summer!
I hope the rest of your weekend is great,

greenthumb said...

Sweet pea are looking very pretty, love the look of your pie and dinner.

VintageVicki said...

Loving the sweetpeas - I've missed having them in the garden this year.

Next summer and in the new garden we will be having some :)

I am loving this warm weather - such a welcome treat after months of cold.

sweetpea family said...

You brought back such fond memories with your retro strawberry flan - I used make the same one with my mum x

Louise said...

Well done on your lovely fruit and veg and to hubby for making the key!! Your strawberry flan looks yummy and brought back memories. I've got a sachet of quick gel in the cupboard left over from my children's school cookery lessons and my Mum still buys Viennetta and arctic roll if we go to her for a meal!!

Anonymous said...

Your dinner looks lovely, I love sausage, veg and gravy. It's even nicer when you grow your own veg too....and so cheap lol