Sunday, 27 October 2013

Battern down the hatches

A bad storm is predicted for tonight.  It has been raining on and off for days and been a bit windy, don't think it has picked up yet, but I am ready.  I
We have put anything that can move into the shed and greenhouse, including the bin and recycling boxes, don't want a full box of paper all over the garden in the morning.
 I hope I don't miss it this time, in 1987 I slept all the way through the roaring wind and fence panels blowing around the garden.
 Had great fun this morning pressure washing the greenhouse.  Glad it is still quite warm out as I got soaked!  I had taken down all the tomato and cucumber plants and taken the grow bags and other bits and pieces out.  And then we blasted it!  It then showed how dirty it had become.

next weekend I will line it with bubble wrap to insulate it for the winter and spring and then move some pots and plants inside to protect them from the worst of the weather.

All my plastic plant pots and trays have been scrubbed and put away in the shed, nothing worse than going to use a pot and find it is dirty.

The garden has been tidied.  Dead plants have been chopped down and shredded, then put in the compost bins.  Weeded the flower beds and moved a couple of plants.  Have also planted some Allium bulbs.

The wooden garden furniture has been scrubbed and treated before putting it away in the shed.  We were given this rather lovely set of chairs and table a few years ago, and I like to look after it.

  The clocks went back last night, it was dark by 5 pm tonight.  That's it, summer is done and winter is here.  It is still very warm, but I think that this may be the last mild weekend of the year.  I even managed to dry the washing outside today, the last time this year I am sure.

Bottled the second batch of beer, last weekend and this morning labelled it a stored it away in the shed.  It said on the tin that it would be at it's best after 14 weeks.  The first batch should be ready in time for Christmas and these 19 bottles a few weeks after.



greenthumb said...

Sounds like you have been incredibly busy getting everything ready for winter.

Amanda Graham said...

Definitely looks like you're getting sorted for winter- Enjoy any nice weather you can:)