Sunday, 18 October 2009


We have an allotment!!! So excited.

BUT it is just a field and we have so much work to do>

The field has been used for grazing horses for sometime, it is also very dry, therefore the ground is rock hard.

After spending some time planning out how we wanted it to be on paper. We marked out some beds and took off the top layer of grass.

Then we poured loads of water on, went home and had lunch and went back to try to dig.

The water had soaked into the top layer, so Lukey dug it out and then we put more water in and left it.

We made friends with the geese in the adjoining field.
The first area that we are preparing will be for fruit. I hope to grow some raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and rhubarb, these are all things that I use to make either wine or jam or just to eat! The rest of the plot will be for vegetable- as many as we can fit in.
There are 6 new plots on this field. One already has a shed and some beds dug, another has a compost bin and they have started to dig. Another has a very detailed plan on paper and marked out some areas with string, but done anything else yet. I think that it is going to be very interesting watching it all take shape!!

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Petit Filoux said...

Well good luck to you! Sounds like a fab project!