Saturday, 12 December 2009

My trip to Hamburg continued....

On the Saturday morning we enjoyed a German breakfast I had rolls with cheese and jam, yogurt and tea.
We went into the main shopping area of the town and visited 3 markets and also went in some fantastic shops. One sold "Christmas things" I bought a table cloth, candles and candle holder thing, strands of stuff to hang up. Alice took me to the craft shop that she had found and I bought some scrapbook stuff and some felting wool, which I plan to use to knit handbags with. But that is project number 2 and I have to finish my sisters scrapbook before I start anything else.
We decided to try all the different types of food on offer. Alice and Aniela started with these fried potatoes. I had a large chocolate thing that was a bit like a walnut whip and then we had "curry wurst" and chips, which is basically a large sausage in curry sauce. I know I don't usually eat meat, but it looked and smelt so nice.

Then we watched the parade. There were floats and people dressed up and dancing and lots of music - lovely. In the picture above are two round brown characters, I thought that they were Christmas puddings, but Aniela said that they couldn't be as they don't have Christmas pudding in Germany!!

This picture shows a stall with a wooden nativity scene with the sails on top. These are in all the shop except much, much smaller. I saw them from 3" high to about 3 ft high. You put candles in the bottom to make the sails go round. I don't know what they are called.
In the evening we went to the St Pauli market where we had German pizza, these have a much thinner base than we have and were very nice. There was a band playing - Is this the way to Amarillo in German - very strange. We then went to the "Dom" or funfair, there was a massive big wheel giving a view of all of Hamburg. We had more Gluwien, donuts and Alice and Aniela went on a scary ride -I held the handbags.
More tomorrow.....

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