Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Weekend in Hamburg

I have just spent a wonderful weekend in Hamburg, Germany,
I left home at 4 am on Friday morning and drove to Stansted Airport, where I met my sister and we set off to catch a Ryanair flight. Oh dear the staff were very nasty to us, one lady shouted at us to put our handbags into our suitcases as we could only have one piece of handlugage. But the girl in front of me had multiple bumbags and was allowed to take them on and we spotted other people with a handbag- next time I will tie my handbag around my waist.

We flew into Lubeck airport which is a tiny airport with a shed, you go in one door have your passport checked and walk out the other side! We then got on the bus for the one hour drive into Hamburg. This took us to the main bus and train station.
We headed off to find our hotel and stopped for breakfast or Fruhstuck on the way at this cafe- rolls, jam and coffee.

We headed straight back into town to the "Rathaus" or Town Hall, where there was a Christmas market and were found drinking Gluwien at 11 am!!

We wandered along the amazing stalls looking at all the different things for sale. There were decorations, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, pottery and more.
It was then time to meet Alice for lunch, she took us to her local cafe and I also met her work friends.

In the evening we went to another market and then had dinner in an Italian restaurant ( I know we were in Germany) but it looked nice and we were hungry.
Then back to the Rathaus for another hot drink, I think that we had applepunch this time. A walk along the lake to look at the Christmas tree in the middle and then back on the U-bahn to The Holiday Inn and sleep at last, it had been a very long day.

More tomorrow..........

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