Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A bit of knitting

I have been doing a bit of knitting! This is a felted handbag with bobbles on it.
These are fingerless mittens. There are flowers and beads sewn on, I have done another pair in the opposite colour way
"AUTUMN" mobile phone cover, this is a very thick and chunky phone cover designed to fit an iphone, with three acorns and an oak leaf attached. I hope to pop them onto folksy tomorrow, when I get a minute.

I have been busy trying to tidy up the garden and allotment over the last few weekends. I have been treating the wooden garden chairs before putting them away in the shed, still got the table to do and then will take down the bunting and gazebo. Trying to clear away all the old plants that have finished growing and digging up the potatoes. The tomatoes have also finished now and need cutting down and putting on the compost heap. I also want to plant some peas and broad beans this month, I have read that this will give an earlier crop next year, but they need to be covered with a cloche. Just a couple of courgettes left on the plants not quite big enough to pick, but will be ready next weekend. So much to do!

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babybelle said...

the bag is cool!