Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The story of my porch, continued...

OK, so a sunny day a couple of weeks ago Wayne the Bricklayer came back and "blocked up" the porch.
So all the blocks done

And now onto the roof trusses. Lukey has spent some time in the garage sawing up wood to create three "triangles" to form the roof.
I have been studying every ones houses, trying to decide what tiles we should have, what colour the facia and sofits should be, what colour should the door frame be - so many decisions?? What if we get it wrong and it looks strange or completely stupid, oh I don't know.


The syders said...

Hiya, Just stumbled across your blog! Fab...Hope you dont mind me following!

Lizzy said...

Welcome! So excited to see someone who I don't know! You come from Essex as well!