Friday, 21 January 2011

The sun shone in my corner of north Essex this afternoon and we popped up the allotment.
I have had a busy week at work and needed some time outside not thinking about anything apart from weeds and compost! It was so lovely there, quiet and peaceful, except for the geese!
We pottered around doing a little weeding and a little digging, planted the new Gooseberry bush that came last month when there was a foot of snow on the ground. It is a red dessert gooseberry and I am hoping to train it in a fan shape on the fence (hmmmm....?)

So here are some photos of my plot in January. Three beds have now been dug over and manured and are ready for planting. I will give it a bit and then cover them with fleece to start to warm up. Two are ready for potatoes, the other for runner beans, I thought I might try to grow a quick crop of lettuce or something in this bed as the beans won't go out until the end of May.
I have a bit of a pong about me, what my mother would describe as "Guide Camp", yes I lit a fire and burnt the sunflower stalks that were not going to compost down in a million years, also some weeds that I didn't want to put on the compost heap. This doesn't seem to kill the seeds and they all grow again.

Here he is with "this is what I got for Christmas"


Aurora said...

Oooh, that's a lovely plot. We went to our new allotment today (weather cold but gloriously sunny in Hampshire!) and... well its basically still just mud and weeds. Hope you have a great 2011 growing season!

Lizzy said...
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