Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Baaa Baaa!!
Our horticultural society holds two shows each year, spring and autumn. There are lots of categories to enter from flowers to wine to cooking. This year I am determined to do well in the handicraft section. There are 6 classes to enter: a painting, a soft toy, a piece of crochet, a piece of embroidery, a piece of cross stitch, a hand knitted garment and an exhibit of any other handicraft. I definitely can not paint so won't be doing a painting and I still have to learn how to crochet!! But I am getting on well, have a pair of gloves nearly done for the hand knitted garment and...
Little Baa Lamb is my soft toy entry.

I found him here:

PS can anyone tell me how to do those links where you say I found it here and you just have to click on the link???

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