Saturday, 7 May 2011

The story of the porch.....continued

The new porch is so nearly finished and yet so much to do. The main part is built and finished and we are now on the final run.
This next stage was to sort out the drainage. There needs to be a soakaway for the rainwater that collects off the roof, this needs to be 5m away from the house. The hole in the ground needed to be 1 m deep and filled with stones and a pipe laid from the house to the soakaway. Last week a skip and a ton of small stones were delivered. The trenches were marked out and then the digging begun!!! It has been a bit dry here lately also we have parked the car on here for some years so the ground was a bit hard!!! But after 3 days work the trenches were dug, the hole was dug. The pipes were laid on gravel ( with a suitable drop so that the water atually runs away). The hole was filled with stones and it was all filled back in.
What is still left to do:

  1. Lay the new path
  2. build a step
  3. dig over and weed the garden
  4. dig up the old log edging
  5. lay new log edging
  6. lay new weed control membrane
  7. cover with stones
  8. fit the drain pipe
And then the outside will be finished...... Just the inside to do!!

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