Sunday, 8 May 2011


Look who I found at the allotment this morning - Mr Toad!
We had covered the new raised bed with cardboard after digging it over and adding some cow muck. This morning I took the cardboard off and noticed that the earth moved, just like the compost bin heap moved the other day when I was convinced that there was a rat in there. I am not keen on rats, so I don't know why I just moved a bit of compost to see what had made the earth move? And there sat a toad. Qu
ick! Quick! come and see the toad! I called to Lukey. He came and picked it up and a quick photo before popping under some more cardboard behind the compost bin.
A few weeks ago I visited someone who has a "bug hotel" and since then we have been planning to build one.

Maybe something like this, but a little smaller. We have some wood and roof tiles so hope to make a start next week and then we will have a proper home for Mr Toad.

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Aurora said...

Third time lucky - I tried to leave this comment two days ago.

I have seen little terracotta houses for toad somewhere, would a pot do temporarily until you build your insect palace? Toads are voracious eaters of slugs and bugs, so it would be a shame if you couldn't convince him to stick around. Perhaps a small tyre pond? Sooo cute too.