Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I noticed last week that the hedgerows are full of Elderflowers and it is time to make the wine and cordial.  AND the Elderflower Champagne, I tried it last year and it was an absolute disasaster, the bottles exploded in the garage and covered everything in a sticky glass fragment mess.  I was NOT popular.
I had followed the Quick Elderflower Champagne recipie in Sarah Ravens book, Food for Friends and Family, normaly the recipies in this book are very good.  However this one says to add dried yeast and I think that it was too much and also to store in glass wire top bottle.
This year I searched for a new recipie and found Elderflower Champagne at the Farm in my Pocket blog.  The recpie has no added yeast and suggests using plastic coke bottles.  The build up of gas can be released by unscrewing the lid a little bit.
I now have 3 large coke bottles of Elderflower Champagne starting to brew, after one day I can see little bubbles around the top.

Lets hope that it works this time!

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