Sunday, 24 June 2012


last weekend I picked some elderflowers from the hedgerows around the allotment and started off some elderflower cordial.

I found this recipe a couple of years ago on the Internet from someone called Gavin.

Pour 2.5 pints of boiling water over 20 flower heads, 3.5 lbs sugar, 2tsp citric acid and a sliced lemon, stir until sugar is dissolved and cover.  stir twice daily for 5 days, strain and bottle  -simple!
Or so I thought, but thinking I was being very clever I added the flowers that I had strained from the champagne to the cordial and it began to ferment -whoops!  I had to pour boiling water on to kill of the yeast which diluted the cordial.  it is not as sweet as normal but I think it could be even better.

Champagne update:

The bottles are beginning to feel harder which means that it is fermenting, should be ready next week!

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