Sunday, 14 April 2013


Yesterday my friend, tales from the greengate and I  went on a little outing to Ipswich.  We were heading to, what used to be called the Suffolk Show Ground and is now known as Trinity Park.  We were doing a spot of "Kirsty Allsopping" (as in Vintage Home) and going to a vintage and antiques fair. It wasn't quite like on the telly though, more carboot with some proper antiques thrown in.
Also running at the same venue was a Joules Outlet shop.  We even had to queue to get in!  Lots of lovely clothes, but all in the wrong size for me! 

 GreenGate(!) found two cups and saucers at a good price!

I have always wanted a darning mushroom, homemade socks get a lot of holes in them.

There were lots of stalls like this one selling a mixture of old stuff that had seen better days

And this one

And this one, it seems that you need a caravan, an awning and some carboot junk.

I bought this rather beautiful brooch.  An allotment brooch?  A watering can with a trowl, fork, peapod and sunflower dangling from it - love it!



Dawn said...

What a lovely day for it! Sweet brooch.

VintageVicki said...

Also love the brooch :)

Kirsty Allsop has a lot to answer for and those daytime antique hunt programmes!

A Normandy kitchen said...

The brooch is unusual, great find! It can be a bit hit and miss when you are out 'Allsoping' at times!

princesscherri said...

What's a darning mushroom lol

Torrie9120 said...

What an unusual brooch, that looks like a really nice unique piece of work. I hope everyone down the allotment was jealous

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