Monday, 8 April 2013


On Saturday my friend Kathryn got married, her she is with her new husband James, her sister, their parents and their children
 it was a bit chilly, good thing they had those fur wraps!

We were invited to the church for the blessing and then to the reception which was held at the new gallery in Colchester called Firstsite
 Richard Bryant /
The gallery is quite controversial in the town, it costs loads money, was paid for out of council tax and worst of all (for some) it was built on the bus station.  Now there is no bus station, just lots of stops around the town and a massive, unusual art gallery which has displays like:
 Rusty drainpipes!! (can you see the word?) I think that there is a lot of modern art, which of course does not please those who would have preferred a bus station!

I hadn't had an opportunity to visit the gallery until now, so was quite pleased to go, unfortunately much of it was closed off for the wedding, so I didn't get to see as much as I would have liked, but will go back.

 This is the cake or cakes(!) the whole family sitting on top of the main cake and lots of different flavour cupcakes.

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VintageVicki said...

Looks a happy day for your friend :) Love the cake with the family on top - a lovely touch :)

In answer to your question on my last post - yes there are several sorts of Morris Dancers - we are Border morris dancers and that comes from the welsh borders. There are also the hanky & bells sort which is Cotswold and then the clog dancers from the North West - I think there are others to but still getting the hang of all the terms :)