Friday, 6 December 2013

Advent calendar

Friday 6th December.

My third and final day off work today, two weeks and one days work until the Christmas break - hurray!
Spent the morning finishing my handmade presents.  This involved a bit of sewing and making lots of labels.  I bought this rubber stamp which says "handmade with love" used it lots.  can't show or tell you what the gifts are as I know who reads my blog!!!!
Wrapped up the gifts to take into work on Monday, as it will also be our staff do.
Later I had my nails done. One silver nail and the rest red with white snow flakes. Done with gel polish so should last for three weeks so long as I remember to put the rubber gloves on!


Tracy said...

Yours nails look very festive and glam!!

Fundy Blue said...

Thank you for the idea of a Handmade with Love tag! I am so not creative in this way. I, too, have made some handmade gifts that I won't divulge! People are really going to be shocked. I think gifts from the heart are extra special!