Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Strawberry cordial

I made 5 bottles of strawberry cordial, after soaking the strawberries in the sugar syrup for 5 days, I strained the liquid off. This was poured into strerilised bottles and that was it. It should keep for 6 months in the fridge. We drink this with fizzy water. Tesco sell 2 litre bottles for about 20p- bargin! This was the first time that I had made this cordial and did not think that it had as good a flavour as the strawberry and rhubarb, so next year will probably make more of that.


Babybelle said...

hello handmade homemade lizzy, I see you have not blogged since July! I am very keen to find out about your flapjacks that I do believe you made this week?!?!?!

Lizzy said...

I think that maybe Babybelle should click on "newer posts", as there have been many posts since July!!!

Flapjacks will be blogged shortley

Gillclev said...

OOh yum yum- strawberry cordial sounds very nice!