Sunday, 2 August 2009

Hot tub weekend

What a weekend!

We hired a hot tub and had a spa weekend. Mark bought it on Thursday morning and set it up. By Friday afternoon it was hot, as soon as Alice got home from work we jumped in!

In again Friday night. On Saturday Alice had her friends round for a spa party, handmade face masks, healthy barbeque - vegeburger, pita bread, dips and veges, fruit kebabs. Jugs of strawberry cordial and Pimms. What a mess when they had all finished! It poured with rain all afternoon and evening, but they moved the gazebo over the pool and carried on.

The sun shone on Sunday, and we were back in. Another barbeque. Jared had his friends round in the evening.

Mark will come and take it away on Monday evening, so looking forward to one last go in it tomorrow afternoon.

This has been the most un- green, un- eco thing to do - using lots of water and electricity, but I have justified it by saying that this is our holiday and we haven't flown anywhere. And all for £99!

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