Monday, 20 August 2012


 I was told that you should plant garlic on the shortest day - 21st December and havrvest it on the longest day -21st June.  Well I was a bit busy 4 days before Christmas to be messing around planting garlic so popped mine in some time in November.

 The first year on the allotment I ordered garlic bulbs from the seed catalogue and then saved one to plant last year.  They were divided up into individual cloves and planted around the edge of the bed. I pulled them up as close as I could to mid summers day, and laid them out to dry.  I then strung them up and popped them in the shed to keep cool.  Must remember to keep one to plant again this year.


Stephanie Beall said...

Ah, your lucky! I have had no luck with garlic. The little bulbs never get plump, they just seem to shrivel up!

Lizzy said...

Have you put them in during the autumn? I have read that they need some cold to get them growing. Apart from that I don't do anything to them!

Stephanie Beall said...

I actually think I planted them in the spring (oops?) I had some garlic in the pantry that was sprouting so I thought, "what the heck" and planted it. It grew very nice tops and the bulbs divided, but they are so skinny and scrawny. I guess I will try again using your method!