Thursday, 6 September 2012

Still putting my feet up

Two weeks now since my operation and back to the hospital this afternoon to have the stitches removed -Ouch!!  That hurt a bit.  A much smaller bandage and only for 3 days now.  It does still look very bruised but not as swollen as I thought.  
I was told that in two weeks time I was to try and start wearing normal shoes, something supportive, something lace up?  Not like that flimsy thing on your other foot.  I made a bit of a face as I tried to think of what shoe I had that could be described as lace up and supportive.  Did I not have any trainers I was asked, well of course I do, so I suppose that is what I am going to have to wear - lovely!
I can now start to walk about a bit, make my self a cup of tea, but will still need to put my feet up for a bit..................


Aurora said...

I suppose having the pain of the operation is better than limping about with chronic pain, but still -Ouch! I hope you feel better now xx

Lizzy said...

That is what I thought! This started around 8 years ago and has gradually got worse. Various things have been tried this was the last option. I am slowly recovering have been told to stay off work for 6 weeks