Wednesday, 5 December 2012

An inch of snow and Essex is gridlocked

"Come and look at this" said Mr HH this morning, I peered out of the door not knowing what I was going to see - It was snowing and the garden was covered!!
The chickens wouldn't come out of their hutch, but stood in the door way squawking and making a row.  This was the first time that they hadn't rushed out as soon as they could.
It took them until 10 o'clock to venture out and then they stood on the guinea pig run and looked at the ground.
 i tried to persuade them down with a bowl of rice, but no they were not impressed.

Roads in Essex became gridlocked, took Mr HH over two hours to do a journeys of 30 minutes.  It seems that the roads were gritted and then it rained, it froze and then snowed on top.  BUT why didn't they grit again.  Madness.  Alice said that they had a foot of snow over night in Novosibirsk and she was in school teaching as normal. hey ho!


VintageVicki said...

Luckily our bit of Suffolk had none - good job as I'm sure no-one would have been prepared. I mean Snow in Winter - who'd have thought!!

Tracy said...

I'm in Essex too, had all three of mine off school yesterday as the schools closed, we definitely weren't expecting any snow were we!

A Handmade Lifestyle said...

It always amazes me how the country comes to a standstill when we get a tiny bit of snow. My son is spending a term at university in Tampere, Finland and they have had temperatures of -23 degrees over the past ten days or so and very deep snow and everything runs as per usual with not even a bus running late. He said after the snow ploughs had cleared the roads there was snow about 10 feet high along the side of the road and we get a few snowflakes and all hell breaks loose - amazing! Snow in winter - who would have thought it ha ha!

Tammy Chrzan said...

I love snow! We almost never get snow in Texas!