Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Nearly ready

I have been counting down the days to Christmas.  Lighting my advent candle each evening.  It is a bit behind as it is such a fat candle it takes ages to burn down.

 Made some mince pies at the weekend.  These have sweet almond pastry which is really crisp and homemade mincemeat (as it comes without nuts or peel).  This year I made the plum mincemeat from the Rivercottage preserves book.  It is very nice........
 Have a beautiful tree.  The decorations are minimal, apparently but I think this shows off the tree!
 A close up of a ceramic snowman and santa that I bought in Germany two years ago and a glass angel.
On the shelf a red heart and two ceramic penguins - old friends- I love unwrap them from the tissue paper each year.
The kitchen window sill, some twigs, which are raspberry canes that I cut down a few weeks ago hung with baubles.  And 3 baked bean tin candle lanterns.
The porch -  little multi coloured twinkly lights all around and a wicker star with little lights.
That is just about it for decorating the house.  Will go out and pick some greeenery to put on the fireplace and pop some of the cards up and then it will be done.


princesscherri said...

Lovely I think this shows 'how we celebrate Christmas' quite well. Going to print it out for next time I'm asked!

Tammy Chrzan said...

Awww... Everything is just lovely... Merry Christmas!