Thursday, 28 February 2013


Oh what a short month February has been, at the end already, not a bit like January which dragged on and on...
Woke up in daylight this morning and actually felt a tiny bit of warmth from the sun as I walked through town at lunch time.

I am taking part in a photo scavenger hunt organised by GreenThumb over at Made with Love

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2013 

This month had to find red, 14, a kiss, Something Heart shaped, Something found nowhere else, frozen, park bench, glass, shopping trolley, a shadow, breakfast and a bus.  So here we go:

 RED:  I knitted and then felted this bowl for a birthday present for a friend 

14:  This has been a tricky one.  I live 14 miles from Clacton-on-sea, a traditional English seaside town.
A kiss: Ok, I have searched high and low for a kiss, could I find one?  No, so no photo!!

SOMETHING HEART SHAPED: my chopping board!

SOMETHING FOUND NOWHERE ELSE:  The Manningtree clock (can you see why!!)

FROZEN: the washing line.

A PARK BENCH: found this one on the playing field it doesn't look to comfortable?

GLASS: a glass house!  My greenhouse, you may notice some lengths of guttering hanging in mid air.  This is my peas, something ate the first ones I planted, but I don't think that they can get at these, unless they can climb up glass like spider man!

SHOPPING TROLLEY:  Here is my faithful companion, I take it to the market every Saturday

A SHADOW:  Mr HH posing for me

 BREAKFAST:  This is my usual porridge from my favourite bowl from Brixton Pottery, 2 teaspoons of demerera sugar and a mug (Cath Kidston) of weak milky tea
A BUS: Popped into Ipswich the other day and did the park and ride!

That is it for this month, what fun I have had looking for things, onto to next month:  Green, 3, a person in uniform. bubbles, shoes, toys, a gate, eggs, dessert, water, a bridge and empty.....  here goes then the hunt is on!


joy said...

Took me a while to spot the numbers in the wrong order. Lovely selection, well done. Joy xx

Louise said...

I spotted the clock issue - what happened there?! A nice selection of photos for February and also for January too, which I have just seen!

VintageVicki said...

Won't mention it took me a while to spot the problem with the clock - doh!!

Lovely selection of pics - thank goodness March has an extra 3 days for the hunting to happen!

Dawn said...

Lovely pics, and I love that felted bowl - so gorgeous!

greenthumb said...

Thanks for putting your photos in this month, I really like your park bench and frozen they are great photos.

Tracy said...

Your felted bowl is fab, do you have a pattern for it? You took some great photos x

Kat Pearce said...

Hiya, I love your photos, especially your gorgeous bowl. Id love to try felting if I can ever find the time!
I am your swap partner for Joys Spring Swap and wondered where to post to ;o) my email is kat1677 at hotmail dot co dot uk