Thursday, 14 February 2013


I joined in the I Love Hearts swap organised by Shelley at All4meggymoo.

I was linked with Jill, who's blog is here: Stocki

we were to send each other 5 heart themed items, one to be made by us!  I spent some time pondering and looking.  Made and found some things and parceled it all up and popped it in the post on Saturday in time to arrive for Valentines day.  If you want to see what I sent click on Stocki's name and you will see the lovely photos that she has posted.

here is what she sent me
a box of gifts all beautifully  wrapped in brown paper and red spotty tape
A heart shaped tin with Lindt chocolates inside.......mmmm delicious, and a very handy tin to use after, I wonder what I will keep in it.
A crocheted heart pin, I have worn it all day on my jumper.  should I wear it on my sleeve? (I am not sure what that means?)
I shall wait for a special occasion to sprinkle these little silver hearts on my table.
 Red bun cases with hearts on them.  I often make buns so will make very good use of these.  Do you remember when you could only buy plain white ones?
Red grosgrain ribbon, printed with white hearts.
This lovely white tin photo frame, will look beautiful on my kitchen dresser (when I buy it) more of this later (the great kitchen refurb ongoing as we speak). Just need to find the perfect photo to go in it.



The most neatly crocheted candle holder.  It is so lovely and I wish I could make something like this.  A glass jar with a band of crochet around it, sitting on a mat. A lacy centre with a two layered flower around the edge.  All done in a fine red yarn.

Loved it all, Thank you so much Jill  and to Shelley for organising the swap 
Happy Valentines Day!


Stocki said...

Ah thanks for the sweet comments Lizzy... it was a pleasure! Hope we can do it again next year :)x

Tammy Chrzan said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!
Lucky you!
I love swaps too!
Have a great weekend my friend!

GrannyTaughtMeToCrochet said...

wow! lucky you! xxx

Dawn said...

Lovely things - I do like the candle holder especially.

Anonymous said...

Awe what gorgeous gifts!, I'm sorry I've not popped by before but now I've found you I shall try and pop by more :-)
Thank you for taking part