Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Today is pancake day or Shrove Tuesday and like a lot of people we have just had some pancakes.
I make them properly just by mixing together one egg (from my girls) a couple of spoons of plain flour and some milk.  I popped into Tesco earlier and saw for £1 you could buy a bottle of mix, you just add milk, so I suppose it is flour and dried egg??  Hmmm...  How difficult can it be?

 Anyway, here I am tossing away!  Just me and Mr HH at home this year, so we shared them all between us.

 I like mine with banana and maple syrup, he likes golden syrup.  Yummy!
You may have noticed that there are no doors on my kitchen cupboard, that is because I am doing a spot of re-decorating - more of that another time!


Tracy said...

I have to confess to cheating with a bottle mix mine was just add water they were quite delicious and I ended up eating most of them too!

Tammy Chrzan said...

Well done Lizzy!!!
You made me smile with this post, to flip them here in the States, we just turn them over!! We have pancakes a lot over here, it's a normal breakfast... I love me some pancakes with butter and syrup... YUM... (NO wonder my butt is the size it is!! lol)

Stocki said...

Good flipping Lizzy! x

Alice said...

Kitchen looks quite cool with no doors - could just leave them off? ha!