Sunday, 8 September 2013

Autumn show

It's not quite Autumn here yet, but yesterday was our Horticultural Societies Autumn show.  It is quite a small show, with only and handful of entries in each class, but I enjoy all the preparation -  the growing - the making - the cooking.  
Some things have been over a year in the making such as the wine and others are very last minute like the Victoria sandwich and the flowers, which need to be made or picked early in the morning.

 I have had a plan for the week running up to the show. Firstly I had to choose and and order my photos 
Four categories here, My 4 legged friend, Trees, The seashore and A special event, my photos of the Olympics won a 2nd prize.

 Next the wine needs to be tasted, re-bottled and labelled. I entered 4 bottles, white dry, white sweet, red dry and a rose and won a 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Have been working on the handicraft entries over the year, this knitted fair isle jumper for a child won 3rd prize.
I am quite proud of this appliqued and quilted tea cosy, especially as it came 1st!
The worst thing in the whole show is a dressed doll.  So old fashioned and really not my thing at all.  I found a really complicated pattern with a very difficult lace pattern, knitted on thin needles and 4 ply wool, but it only got 2nd prize.  I was a little disappointed.  I have no idea what to do with this now, who on earth would want it?  I won't be entering this again.

Gave the pot plants a wash and brush up.  Wiped over the pot and cleaned the leaves - made all the difference my lovely Aloe Vera won 1st prize.

 We grow lots of raspberries on the allotment and I made some jam earlier in the summer, this also won 1st prize.  Last week I made some very red beetroot chutney - 2nd prize.

No luck with the rest of my cooking. Alice beat me with her Victoria Sandwich, she was very happy to get the 1st, but neither of us got anything for the banana cake and both our savoury biscuits were "a bit dry"!!!

A basket of veg, all picked from the allotement.  1st prize for some Cavalo de Nero kale, carrots, beetroot, peas, lettuce, spring onions, courgettes, cucumber and tomatoes - Wow!  Of course can't take all the credit for this one, Mr HH does the hard work  -all the digging, composting and watering!

 There are two types of flowers that can be entered, one is called decorative, which is proper flower arranging with bought flowers which I cannot do and the other is homegrown flowers which I can do.  These are my ten stems of garden flowers (no prize!)
and a vase of annuals - came 2nd with these, mainly marigolds and cosmos.

Here I am with my Anniversary Class entry.  This one has 4 items, a vase of homegrown flowers (more sunflowers) a pot plant, handicraft (knitted socks) and a cake (cupcakes)

Phew!  I did enjoy that!  Time to start thinking about planting some bulbs for the spring show!



Tammy Chrzan said...

Well even though there were a couple of things that didn't win, all in all it sounds like you just about won everything! I bet there were some jealous people there :)
I absolutely love those socks, no kidding... I've never worn knitted socks, I bet they are delicious and warm!!
I have a cousin that makes wine as well... it seems like it would be seriously hard to do, but I suppose it's more of a waiting game right?
That dress you have on is gorgeous!! Is it new? LOVE it!!
Have a good week my friend,

Sharon said...

Congratulations you did really well, I have never entered anything in the show I love looking at all the entries though

joy said...

Wow, all those firsts and seconds, well done indeed.
Joy x x

greenthumb said...

Wow you did so well in the show, I would love to do something like that.

Tammy Chrzan said...

Hi there Lizzy!
I was just wondering if you're on facebook or pinterest?
I wanted to follow you but I can't find any links.
Am I just missing them?
I hope you're well,
Tammy xx

gillclev said...

Well done you! Brilliant range of lovely home made items- and so many prizes-excellent! Xxxx