Monday, 26 August 2013

Stand tall

Last Thursday was the wettest day of the whole summer and it was the one day that I had booked off work to for an outing!  My sister and her baby, who are home for the summer and I had decided to visit the zoo.  Luckily both Alice and Jared were both at home and came with us.
I woke up to hear a downpour, checked the forcasts that said it would clear later and after much discussion we decided to go...........

 Well the forecast was very wrong, it rained and rained all day, luckily we ignored the forecast and took our wellies and raincoats.

Although we don't live far from the zoo, I haven't been for years.  This is because I didn't really like to see animals kept in cages, but it has changed a lot since my last visit, which I think might have been about 15 years ago.
 The animals have lots more greenery to hide in.

 Some of the animal are more free.  The wallabies hop around this open enclosure and you can walk right up to them, but they are not too keen and hop out of the way!

I held this rather large insect!

 Arlo liked looking at the fish

 My favourite part was when we got to feed the giraffes!


This is the theme of the the Zoo's 50th birthday celebrations.

All around the town and in the shops are over 50 giraffe statues, each one decorated differently by artists, sponsors and schools.
 This one is in the High Street
and this one by the Bus station.  Each one has a bar code and if you were very keen you could have an app on your phone and collect each one!

And this is my favourite photo of the day, Arlo and me with a goat.  I expect he will be a lot bigger and walking by the time I see him next!


Louise said...

Sometimes you've got to ignore the weather reports, dress appropriately and just do it! Looks like a great time was had by all despite the rain :-)

Fundy Blue said...

Hi Lizzy! Fun post! The decorated giraffes were cute, but not nearly as cute as your nephew! Fortunately zoos are improving with more humane habitats. I've seen huge improvements over at the Denver Zoo over the years. Take care!

Tammy Chrzan said...

I might actually be sold now.
I LOVE Giraffes, I have always wanted to go to a zoo or a safari park that allowed for feeding giraffes, and so this just completely made my day knowing I know exactly where to go to feed them!
Love the photos, this is a wonderful post xx

Tammy Chrzan said...

Do you by chance know if this zoo is opened year round? I could always check the website, but I was wondering if you happened to see the listings anywhere for times and days?
Tammy x

Amanda Graham said...

Fun post- cute giraffes. Glad you enjoyed your day:)