Saturday, 29 August 2009


This is my usual Saturday morning. I go to Manningtree town. This morning I visited The Wholefood store to get my bottles of Ecover washing up liquid and fabric conditioner topped up. Also bought some Kingfisher toothpaste, humus and olives.
On to the library to take some books back.
And then to the market. Fruit and Veg from Darren, today I bought some potatoes, nectarines, sweetcorn, carrots, onions and a cucumber. Not much but we are still eating from the garden.

Lastly my favourite stall. I call it the "Food Stall" They sell all sorts of packets and jars of food, like cake, biscuits, crisps, nuts, sweets and tins and jars. Some items are nearly up to their sell by date, some are well known brands and others I have never heard of. Some is very good quality and some not so. I always have a look to see what bargains there. This week they had Tesco finest teabags - mint, lemon and ginger and chamomile for just 50p for 25 bags, and there is a year until they reach sell by date. The boxes are a bit squashed, but as I am not giving them away I don't mind.

While out this morning I met up with 3 friends had a chat with them all, catching up on what they have been doing.
On the way back picked up a bag of hay for the guinea pigs and home for a well deserved cup of tea and put it all away.

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