Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Amazing adventure continued

One afternoon we went for a walk at The Peak.  This is a mountain, or very high hill above the city.  There is a circular footpath all around the hill.  A lovely gentle stroll with the baby in the pushchair.  From up there the views are amazing, although it was a little misty.

All you can see a skyscrapers and the sea.
There are some houses up there, very expensive houses, hidden behind some very ornate gates with barbed wire on top.  Apparently this is the most expensive place to live in Hong Kong.  A 4 bedroom apartment costs 4 million pounds, however much would these be worth?
I also saw this beautiful flower, it looks spikey, but was quite soft.
And a dog loo, but how do they know?

We finished our walk with an ice cream in a cornet, sorbet for my sister and coconut for me mmmmmmm....



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Hi Lizzy, I've just heard from Kat, who is your swap partner in my springtime/easter swap, she says she hasn't heard from you, and is wondering what she should do. Please let me know if you have changed your mind joy@treetopsystems.co.uk thanks xx

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