Monday, 25 March 2013


My lasting memory of Hong Kong is one of Clipboards and Bamboo.
Scaffolding is built from bamboo poles, unlike in the UK where we use metal poles and clips.

 The platforms are constructed from bamboo poles, not scaffold planks.  It is all secured with black tape.

I put my water bottle next to these ones to show the size of the poles
One last bamboo picture (I promise!)  this one was half a bridge!!

And as for clipboards, they have an absolute passion for them, especially for anyone important, mainly car park attendants.  Our departure and return from the apartment was recorded whether driving or even on foot.  Why? At one car park our arrival was recorded and then the attendant checked his clipboard as we left and told us what was owed (no ticket machine there) We were ticked on a clip board when we went to the Big Buddha and the one pictured above was used to order our lunch


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