Thursday, 28 March 2013


 One day we visited this beautiful beach, just a few miles drive from Stanley.
It was very quiet.  The tannoy announced that it was not safe to swim as there was no lifeguard, it being WINTER!
 It didn't feel much like winter to me, especially the winter I had left behind and had to return to.
 I had to have a quick paddle, it was pretty cold, but not like Clacton this time of year!
 I sat in the shade of these trees for a while.
We then strolled past the shops, buckets and spades and lilos, just like any other beach that I have ever visited to this cafe, it looks a bit run down?

 And here we had lunch, I had green tea to drink
 vegetable noodles it said on the menu, but what were these chewy fishy things I found? Oh, just a few prawns!!  Euugh, I flicked them over to my sister who was enjoying her prawn wraps and something else fishy, was it squid or calamari, I can't remember, but she said it tasted good.
 It was quite different here to the other places I visited in Hong Kong.  No expensive shops, no towers and no Starbucks!

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Dawn said...

Lovely beach - I definitely prefer out of season beaches. The food looks very tasty too!