Friday, 22 March 2013

Hong Kong...............continued

One thing I was looking forward to very much on my trip to Hong Kong was visiting button street.  My sister had sent me photos.
One day we took the underground out of town to an area which I can't remember what it was called, but it was not built up like Central, I thought it more Chinese.  We walked along and found some shops and they were all selling beads, hundreds and thousands of different beads and jewellery findings.  There were lots of shops, mostly very small and crammed with drawers with beads in, unfortunately I did not need any beads as I have a good stock at home.
 We walked a little further and found button street - again lots of tiny shops stocked to the brim with buttons, all different types and sizes.  The shops had those little plastic drawers fitted from floor to ceiling, each one containing a different button.  I was given a small basket and spent some time choosing a wonderful selection of buttons.
We stopped here for a moment to feed the baby and then.....
Ribbon street!  yes more tiny shops with reels and reels of every type and every colour and every width of ribbon you could imagine.  It was sooooo hard to choose, but I bought some green and grey gross grain ribbons and some Christmas ones.

These are some pictures of the streets and people -it was busy
 I noticed in Hong Kong that all shops of the same type are grouped together, not only here on button street, but in other streets and Malls.  I noticed this the first day we drove into town and there were lots and lots of picture framing shops in one street, all next door to each other.  In the Malls all the make-up shops are next to each other.  Strange - at home they tend to spread them out, it is unusual to see two shops selling the same thing right next to each other.
And finally hot and exhausted from so much excitement we popped into
The same the world over, quite reassuring sometimes!


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greenthumb said...

Looks like a great place to visit, I would have found it hard also.