Monday, 27 May 2013

Birthday cake

 It has been good to spend some time with my sister, Mum and Dad this weekend.

Here we are with Lottie, my parents black Labrador, only 7 months old, in their Suffolk garden.

 My sister made this wonderful Allotment cake for my birthday -  topped with pink wellies, carrots, peas, cabbages, tomato's and a sack of potatoes.  Mum cooked a roast dinner with roast beef for those that do and my favourite, vegetable risotto, for those that don't.  Dad opened a bottle of Fiz and Mr HH was there as well.  I have never eaten Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and loads of horseradish sauce with risotto , but it was delicious!!  First roast dinner since Christmas!
BUT, there was something missing - the rest of the family - it was strange with only 5 for lunch and not the usual dozen or so made up of my younger sister and her husband (baby now as well) my niece and nephew and of course my children.  All busy doing other things or far, far away.
Looking forward to our next get together in August, when I hope there will be a few more of us!


greenthumb said...

Your cake looks wonderful, hope you had a Happy Birthday.

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Lizzy, I've been meaning to send you best wishes since your comment on my blog. Your cake looks fab and in my opinion Yorkshires go with anything lol!!

Dawn said...

Wonderful cake!
Thanks for your kind words on my blog x