Saturday, 18 May 2013

Vintage girls!

On Wednesday evening this week me and my "lovers of all things vintage and handmade" friends walked to the end of 

Crouch Street in Colchester.  To this shop

Tea and Sympathy   A little shop that sells handmade and vintage things.  They also have a beautician and other therapists and workshops.  Tonight's workshop was a Vintage hair and make-up make over done by the lovely Betty from Bettys rock and rollers

Drinks were served, while we watched the demonstration

And then we were let loose to have a go............

Getting to grips with Victory Rolls

Not quite got the hang of it yet

Hair and make up complete.

A big flower finishes off the look!

My make-over, Victory Rolls, Kiss curl, eyeliner and very red lipstick!

And here we are all together, not sure what I am looking at!!

When I got home Mr HH looked and said that I looked just like Mrs Pike off the TV programme Dad's Army!!

Mrs. Pike

Ha Ha!!


VintageVicki said...

Aren't men just fab sometimes!!

Looks like a fab evening - thats something I'd love to do - am already a confirmed red lippy wearer though - don't feel dressed without it!!

greenthumb said...

Sounds like a fun night.

Alice said...

Haha and you're making the same face as her in the last pic :)