Monday, 6 May 2013


I was soo looking forward to this long weekend, 3 whole days off work, I kept thinking that something would go wrong and we wouldn't have time to do anything.  But no we have had lots of time and the weather has been great, hot even
My arms ache, my shoulders ache  and I am tired now, but happy that we have done so much.  Made great progress on the kitchen makeover, all the rubbing down, filling and sanding has been completed.  The ceiling has had two coats of paint and is done.  The walls have had one coat, and for a change I actually like the colour and don't have to go out tomorrow and choose a different one.  Not quite ready for the big  "TA DAH" yet..........

The allotment is looking good
 started some french beans off in the greenhouse, planted them out today under these bottle cloches.
 One of the muck bins has been filled up, lots more where that came from!
 The rhubarb is looking good, and tasting good too.
 Sprouting broccoli for tea again tonight.
 Last weekend deep trenches were dug and filled with compost ready for the beans and sweetpeas.  Stuck the sticks in and tied them up.  I plant sweetpeas here too, they look lovely growing amongst the beans and encourage the bees.
 This is my flower bed, along the front edge of the plot, it didn't look like this on Sunday morning! Have planted more sweetpeas here, also some crysanthemums will add sunflowers too.
 My beautiful red gooseberry bush, its covered in buds
 Here is a tiny flower bud, soon it will be a delicous gooseberry
 Planted these onion sets in the autumn, red and white, important to keep the weeds down, but have planted these too close to hoe (der..)
 The cherry tree is covered in blossom, hope it is soon going to be covered in cherries
 A strawberry flower, which can only mean one thing..................

Strawberries soon!!


VintageVicki said...

You have been busy :) Like you said perfect weather for camping but by the looks of it gardening too - guess it won't be long till the first harvest is ready :)

joy said...

Its all looking good. I have some gooseberries already set on one of my plants, and flowers on the strawberries. I have cosomos under bottle cloches, to stop the mice from nibbling them, which they did with the first couple I put out without protection!
Well done for a busy weekend.
Joy xx

greenthumb said...

Sounds like you hd a great weekend, can't wait to see all your hard work pay of.

greenthumb said...


greenthumb said...
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greenthumb said...
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greenthumb said...
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Fundy Blue said...

Hi Lizzy! Your garden is gorgeous! What a productive long weekend you had! I think sweetpeas are darling flowers ~ they've always been in my extended family's gardens. I only dream about gardens right now. We try to get traveling in whenever we can, especially in the summer. One of these days. Thanks for the vicarious enjoyment of new life!

gillclev said...

Oh wow-the allotment looks amazing! We have been trying to re-use plastic bottles also and have cut off the top section to make mini cloches for sprouting seeds. They fit perfectly over a pot and seem to be working! The bottom part will be used to plant a few carrotts and parsnips-we shall see what happens!x