Sunday, 11 August 2013

A bit more please?

Quite a few people have been saying on their blogs that they are looking forward to Autumn?  What?  Not me!  We had the coldest, snowiest winter for years, that dragged on and on and on.  Then the latest spring ever, which was dull and cold.  Summer only really arrived in July and I am loving it!  
Why do I love it?
  • Waking up to bright sunshine
  • Light evenings
  • Warm evenings to potter in the garden
  • Warm evenings to sit outside
  • Wearing summer clothes - no need to put something on every time you go outside.
  • Summer rain
  • Hot days!  Yes sometimes it might be a bit too hot to work, but find a shady place.
  • Picking and eating all the fruit and vegetables that I have grown

Picked my first ripe tomatoes yesterday.  Made them into a lovely salad with a cucumber and green beans that I had also grown.

At the allotment we picked runner beans, courgettes, peas, raspberries and sweet peas.

Autumn can wait, let me have a few more weeks of summer!


Tracy said...

As much as I love autumn I do understand what you mean about the summer it has been such a long time coming it would be nice to hold onto these lazy summer days for a bit longer, you list of what you enjoy about summer sounds fab especially the home grown food bit. Enjoy!

joy said...

Oh I so agree. Summer has only been with us for a few days, I'm not ready to give up on it yet.
Joy xx

VintageVicki said...

Oh no - I don't want Autumn just yet - loving the summer this year - probably because I am healthy and slimmer! Loving the camping, eating outside, being tanned and enjoying time with friends/family.

Not quite ready for boots & jumpers just yet!!

Louise said...

I'm with you Lizzy, it's been cloudy and showery here for the past two days and I'm missing the sunshine already. Hopefully it will return soon, I don't want to start wearing socks for a few weeks yet!!

greenthumb said...

You did seem to have a really long winter. But I can't wait for summer to start.