Tuesday, 6 August 2013

All together!

At the weekend we had a family get together.  

The first time that the 5 cousins have been together. 

I saw an idea for a Greek barbecue in the Lakeland online magazine and suggested to my sister that we made it for lunch.  I made Hummus, pitta bread and a Greek salad.  My sister made tzaziki (a large pot) peppers stuffed with Haloumi cheese, Felafel's and Baklava.  Mum dug up some new potatoes and bought some meat, there was chicken on sticks, lamb skewers and not quite so Greek sausages and ribs.  What a feast!

This is my Mum and Jared
 My sister!

 My dad doing what men do best - grilling the meat and enjoying a beer!

 Ashley, Danni and my husband

No birthday cake for the little one, just a rice cake!

My sister celebrated her birthday a week early!  She makes cakes professionally, but I said I would make her a birthday cake and I had to pull out all the stops to impress her!!!  

And here it is!  I saw it in last months Good Food magazine and adapted it a bit as I had lots of raspberries.  It was not too difficult, just lots of different steps.  A raspberry puree has to be made first which colours the sponge for the dots.  Dots of sponge are put on a Swiss roll tin and frozen.  A plain sponge made with 7 eggs is made, half poured around the dots and half in a round tin.  It is then made up in another tin.  The Swiss roll cut in half and placed around the edge and then the other cake cut in three and layered with marscapone, cream, raspberries and the puree.  It is left in the fridge for 24 hours, turned out of the tin, covered in more of the cream mixture and topped with raspberries - phew!  it worked out ok.  Think they all liked it!

 The first photo of us all together - my sisters, me and our children!

 And to finish my favourite photo!


Tammy Chrzan said...

OH I love your pool first of all, and what a perfect day it looks like you all had!! So was your sister impressed by the cake then? Because I sure am! It looks delicious! This was a wonderful post Lizzy, everyone looks so happy! Tammy x

joy said...

I love family get-togethers, we have one every year, so I'm really looking forward to our next one on 1st September. The cake looks fantastic, but I dont think I'll be trying that. So pleased you enjoyed your day.
Joy xx

greenthumb said...

Your feast looks wonderful, as dose your family. What a great day.