Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Catching worms!

One of my favourite annual jobs is emptying the worm composter.  

Mr HHS is in charge of all things compost.  He has two  wooden compost bins at the allotment, and three plastic ones at home.  We also use this worm bin as it has a tap to drain the liquid, or worm juice as we call it.  The juice is diluted in water and fed to the plants.  The only problem is that the tap gets blocked and we have to empty the whole bin to clear it.  The compost from the worms is very rich, it will be saved and mixed with other compost to make a potting compost. 
A little tin bucket sits in the kitchen and we put all the uncooked fruit and vegetables that the chickens won't or can't eat go in there along with egg shells and tea bags.  This is all added to the compost along with all the dead flowers, small prunings,  grass cuttings, weeds, the chicken hutch straw and waste.  Some times we shred stuff if it is a it too thick.   The contents are regularly turned and mixed and water is added to keep it just right.  Then voila!  All our waste is magically turned into compost to use in the garden and allotment.

It's a bit of a messy job!  We always lay out a plastic sheet and then scoop out the composted top layer, the compost and all the worms mixed in onto the ground. Then any remaining liquid is poured out, the tap cleaned out and then it is refilled.  I try and put back as many worms as I can.  
There are always loads of egg shells in the bin each year I say that I must remember to separate them into the other bin, but always forget.  
Then the bin and worms are returned to its place, the plastic swished down and job done!


greenthumb said...

I have two compost bins and would love a worm farm, it doesn't look to hard to clen.

Lizzy said...

No not hard at all, just a bit of a palaver!

Lizzy said...

No not hard at all, just a bit of a palaver!

Tammy Chrzan said...

Worm juice? Ewwww... :)
I think you're so awesome, all you do to raise your own food... composts too? So great!
Tammy x